Lock your private chat in Whatsapp | Whatsapp chat locker

Lock your private chat in Whatsapp

Lock your private chat in Whatsapp

Locker for Whats Chat App is the greatest WhatsApp chat locker app for Android.

Looking for a WhatsApp locker app which can help you keep your family or household live chat peaceful from public scrutiny? 

If yeah of course, once again your exploration completes with Locker for Whats Chat App by Systweak Software. 

The WhatsApp chat locker may also help guard media types, conversations and the complete WhatsApp utilization from rogue access. 

Using Locker for Whats Chat App, you can loan your Android device to a companion, former coworker, or family, and needn't to worry about anybody else eavesdropping on your WhatsApp. 

It is just a WhatsApp biometric locker which makes it safer when compared with someone else. 

With this private messages locker, you do not get by emphasize about your sensitive personal convos being affected. 

Here are core points of Systweak Software's Locker for Whats Chat App: 


● Lock individuals or groups conversations behind a 4-digit passwords or signature lock. 

● Lock / unlock conversations with biometric or PIN. 

● Lock the entire WhatsApp Messenger app. 

● Single passcode for both app and dialogues. 

● Send a msg to an unusual number without introducing it to your comes into contact. 

● A lighter weight app that tends to take smaller held down. 

● Easy password in case you have managed to forget your passcode. 

● The WhatsApp Locker for Android continues to ask for lowest licences. 

● Does not ingest huge charger. 

● No information sharing.

 Does Locker for Whats Chat App Work? 

Here is really how incredibly simple it will be to have used this WhatsApp Locker- 

1. Access and download Locker for Whats Chat App. 

2. Once you have fitted the app, give the required privileges. 

3. Collection a 4-digit passcode. Try to confirm by joining the passcode once more the. 

4. Configuration a "Passcode Recovery Email" that can then be usefull in obtaining forgotten script. 

You can change your recovery email by continuing to "Settings" then afterwards touching on "Change Recovery Email". 

5. Offer access and availability approvals 

6. Once that's done, click on the' + 'hero from the bottom of the camera 

7. Chose the chat that you want to seal 

8. To open up a personal or chatroom, squeeze on the back button next to chat

And, that's it! To gain entry the chat and even create multichannel audio wants to call, the login would need a PIN or your thumb print to get it through. 

To statement an unsaved numeral on WhatsApp- 

1. Click on the' Message to Unsaved No. '

2. Gain entry the cellphone number you would like to deliver texts to with the assigned to a specific and without the' + 'marker. 

3. Press on the green-colored' Send Message 'tab. 

What should you do in case you forgot the security code for Locker for Whats Chat App? 

Worry not! To rebound the confirmation code for all this chat locker for WhatsApp, follow the steps given - 

1. Press on the four vertical pixels at the top-right corner. 

2. Press on "Forgot passcode" then afterwards click on OK. 

3. An inbox with your passwords are sent to your recorded inbox ID.

Looking for a way to protect your personal life chat? Well, the solution here's the and it's titled Locker for WhatsB Chat App. It is the app to safe your business chat.

 To keep your private information immediately create a 4-digit passcode, append the chat and then you are great to be go. 

The app is the good system those who are involved about their anonymity.

 It helps to avoid anyone else multiple user from displaying the residential text. 


• Conveniently add an extra layer of surveillance to your business tally 

• Passcode secured interactions 

• The easiest and cheapest way to safe your WhatsApp Business chat 

• Unique app that provides the opportunity to clamp business live chat 

 Main Feature Of This Application 💓 

  • 👍 Install application 
  • 👍 Enable this application to just use 
  • 👍 Set your security code 4 Digit Pin 
  • 👍 Apply a hint know in case if your fail to notice your security code 
  • 👍 Select your corporate communication to make secure 
  • 👍 Save your consult as your personal private consult 
  • 👍 Have a potential to modify a pin code 
  • 👍 If you failed to notice your passphrase iphone will provide the option to get an indication 
  • 👍 Deactivate your pin code 
  • Do you managed to forget your PIN? 
  • Don't fear, you have the secret enquiry which only you know and get it away! 


Accessibility approval - We are taking Accessibility approval to enable the converse door support. 

Note - This approval can neither review or entrance your memo so it is alive.

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